Can you tell which one is me? Exactly.

I always thought of myself as pretty nondescript. Just one of the crowd. Not really standing out in any way. This, by the way, has always been fine with me. When I see someone I haven’t seen in a long time, my default assumption is that I remember them, but they won’t remember me. Is this normal? Huh. Maybe I should check with a therapist. (Just kidding. I don’t care in the least whether I’m normal or not.)



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I consider myself a reasonably intelligent person. Based on that, I think it’s safe to say that being able to take a good selfie is not related to IQ. Thank goodness for that line of reasoning. It’s what allows me to not feel bad about my lack of selfie skills.

Spectacular shot from the Space Needle

Breathtaking view of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains.

This one’s actually not that bad. A Chihuly glass exhibit with the pieces sitting on a clear ceiling and lit from above.

In considering the subject, I came up with a list of REAL reasons why selfies are hard.

  1. My arms aren’t that long.
  2. Sometimes there’s a glare on the screen and I can’t even see what I’m taking a picture of.
  3. An unfortunate thumb injury (8th grade) which doesn’t allow my right thumb to bend all the way, making it extra hard to push the button with one hand.
  4. I have a big head. (big head+short arm=not much space for background)

Though they are not frame-worthy, they are usually laugh-worthy. At least the kids think so. They think it’s funny that we look so confused. In reality, we’re not confused, we’re just squinting — see #2 above.

There’s that glare I was telling you about.

“Can you even see what’s on the screen?” “Not really.” “Just take it anyway.”

I’m decent at taking regular pictures, though. In fact, the background on my website — the picture of the Rocky Mountains — is one I took myself on a vacation to Colorado a few years ago. So I’ve got that going for me. And if I decide to get serious about upping my selfie game, I’ll just give Kim Kardashian a jingle and get some pointers. #sheISgreatatselfies



Furniture Builder (Not So) Extraordinaire

In an effort to class up my office, I decided to replace the chipped up metal file cabinet which has very few files in it. Its main job is to keep the printer off the floor and I figured a more stylish piece of furniture could accomplish that task just as easily. After checking around at a few stores, I ended up at Target, like I always do. I love that place. They carry everything I didn’t realize I needed.

The cabinet in progress

The cabinet in progress

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Rock Climbing and Cooking (Things I Suck At)

I mean, if you want to get technical, I’ve never actually been rock climbing, per se. But when I was a camp counselor, I did climb 2/3 of the way up a wood tower before having to be lowered back down in my harness. It was humiliating, but in my defense, NO ONE can support their upper body weight with only their fingertips when holding onto a tiny wood block without so much as a groove to grip. It was a design problem, I assure you.

Look how easy this guy has it - with his fancy finger-friendly grips.

Look how easy this guy has it – with his fancy finger-friendly grips.

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Dorkin’ It Up

Okay, so I said in my first-ever blog post that you’d get to know me. Well, here it is, people…I’m a dork. I’m a lot of things, of course. Dork is only one of them. I don’t say this in a negative way. I love dorks!

My daughter asked me the other day, “What are you even doing with this cutting board?” Well, friends, I was seasoning it. Who seasons a cutting board? That’s one of the instructions on the tag that makes you laugh and say, “Yeah, right. As if.”

cutting board (2)

Except I love this cutting board. Look how cool it is! Even though it’s backward in the picture, you get the idea. You can see by the dates written on the paper towel that I seasoned it every few days for a month, just like the instructions said. At the end of the month, I’d used up about two tablespoons of the wood oil that I’ll now be storing for the rest of my life.

And the best part is, I hardly cook! Don’t like it. Not good at it. Don’t care. But I do love my cutting board!

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