“Crafty” Like Me

If you’re crafty in the same way that I am, it means that:

A. You’ve started lots and lots of projects and haven’t finished too many of them.

B. You still hang onto these projects because you’re gonna.

C. Over the years, you’ve taken on progressively easier crafts so that you can have the satisfaction (albeit much less satisfaction, proportionate to the project itself) of actually finishing.

One craft activity I enjoy is counted cross stitch. Back in the day, I actually finished a couple of small-to-medium sized projects. My two best, however are this one…


Gorgeous, right? Wait…did you think I made this? No, silly. This is the picture on the package.




THIS is what I have done on it, so far. 10 years and counting.


…and the one of the Marine Corps emblem that I’m making (present tense being used loosely here) for My Marine. I would put up a picture of that one but I haven’t seen it in roughly 9 years. I’m sure I didn’t throw it out, though. It’s got to be here somewhere.


My 10 stitches are in the gray line on the bottom, to the right of the vase. Nice, huh?


Here’s the one that my mom and I made a few years ago. I put the first 10 or so stitches in that bad boy and my mom wrapped up the last 20,000.






Who doesn’t need fridge magnets? They’re decorative AND practical.



Several years back, when I finally began to clue in to my weakening devotion to crafting, I made these little gems to commemorate a trip to San Antonio we took with some friends. I glued magnets to the backs of these tiles I bought while we were there. Even sent some to our friends! BOOM!





Enough for 7 different moods.


What I really wanted to share, though, might be my most ridiculously easy project yet. I was looking for a cute dry erase board and found pretty quickly that there really aren’t any. So I endeavored to make one myself. I purchased an 8×10 frame with glass and some scrapbooking paper. Since the paper was cheap (69 cents for the regular and 1.99 for the sparkly) I got several sheets so that I could change the look of my board to fit my mood. This project literally involved…cutting paper. As it turned out, after I cut out the 8×10 piece, I still have enough left for another 4×6, so I went back to the store for another frame.

And guess what…after I cut out the 4×6, I still had enough for a second 4×6! Too bad I didn’t figure that out until after the second trip to the store. The hardest part of this project was the fact that I didn’t do the math on the measurements ahead of time, and making trips to the store.


Bada bing.


Anyway,  my fellow not-THAT-into-crafting crafters, if you’re looking for a stupidly easy craft with a really cute outcome, here it is, kiddos.





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4 thoughts on ““Crafty” Like Me”

  1. Love this blog post! Oh Jill you have no idea how many projects I’ve
    started and hoped to finish. You’really a girl after my own heart!

    1. We’re “kindred spirits of the unfinished craft”. Someone should start a business of finishing other people’s craft projects for them. I’d pay someone to do that wreath cross stitch. I love that thing. Thanks for stopping by, Jane!

  2. I have three cabinets full of wool for when I am ready for needle felting. At least cross stitch doesn’t take up too much space. But some day, I will make some amazing sculptures….

    1. I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but those wool sculptures seem to be the rage right now. I’ve seen them at Target and I also saw a little Christmas tree. You’re ahead of the curve, my friend.

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